Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unofficially, Officially-The Beginning of a New Adventure!

I woke up yesterday morning and thought to myself, "Okay Christal, you survived a half marathon and you survived a stupid stress fracture that took you away from running for three months...what do you want to do now? I know, today, you are going to start training for a full marathon!" So that's what I did, I drove to the river to meet with the group (well, those that were not in OKC gearing up for the marathon) and I clocked my first training run for my new venture (with the help of Tatur Dave-thanks again for a great run). I met two great women, Sara and Sheryl. Good luck ladies, you are going to do really great with your training program.

After I was finished running, I had my first appointment with my personal trainer. It was such a great workout. He custom made my program for me, as a runner. I can't wait to add what he taught me to my daily workout at the gym. It will definitely make me a stronger runner. Oh, and he kicked my butt! Woke up this morning, felt like I got ran over by a Mac truck hauling a Mac truck! Ah, but it will only make me stronger.

Congrats to everyone who conquered the wind and hills today in OKC and those who traveled elsewhere for other runs this weekend. Also, to my dad. He and mom went to Kansas City this weekend for the Trolly Run (4 miles) and dad was the first race walker finisher! Not bad for a race with 7,000 participants! Each and every one of you are an inspiration to me and you all are what helps me crawl out of the bed some days and get in my car to make my way to the river! Thanks for that! I hope everyone begins recovering well and you have a really great week!


Sandra said...

I love the Trolley Run...I did it last year. Thanks for your well wishes. My next adventure is also to train for a full...not sure what I'm thinking after yesterday's half, but I figure why not? Best of luck to you in your training...trainers are great in kicking our butts :). See ya out there on the trails..

Bobby said...

Full marathion? Great ambition. You can do it!

Christal Pellerin said...

Thanks Bobby! I'm looking forward to it.

Bill & Terrie Isaac said...