Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pass Gas, Not Judgement....

Something fun I read in the January 2010 issue of Runners World Magazine. (page 78)
*RUNNERS INGEST a fair amount of healthy foods, which produce gas in the GI tract, where it cannot stay forever. Especially when the GI tract is bounced and jostled. Passing Gas while running is excusable and inevitable, but…

*You may not mock another runner for having passed gas, unless he has previously mocked you for the same or unless he mocks himself.

*If a runner has taken pains to mask flatulence, pretend nothing happened.

*Its fun to pretend that gas you expelled is propelling you forward, like a little booster rocket. That isn’t really a guideline though, is it?
Now get out there and propel yourself like a little booster rocket! ~Christal~

Monday, December 14, 2009

They Call Me The Floater...

Lets see, where to start. Since I last updated my blog, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon an I PR’d! Which is really crazy because I think that was one of the hilliest races EVER! It was fun though. It was nice that my husband and parents were able to be there, as they always are. Cassy, Stacy, Paulina and Lyle were also there. Great job guys! (I know that more RW folks were there, so sorry if I left you out).

Then along came the Tulsa Run, again for some reason I PR’d! One of my favorite races. You can always count on they crazy’s from RunnersWorld to sport creative Halloween Costumes. This year Cassy, Paulina and I were Superheros. Hmmm….maybe that’s why I PR’d, gotta be the cape! Thanks mom for whipping together our costumes so quickly.

Something happened in my brain between these two races…I decided to hold off on longer races for a while and focus on my speed for 5k’s. So I went to the local track several times and did some speed work and also perfected my Fartlek. (I also had horrible flash backs from high school track workouts).

Well, now I’ve had another change of heart….my mom wants to run a half marathon and she asked me to run it with her, so I have decided to go ahead and run the Little Rock ½ with her in March 2010. So, the hotel room had been reserved and the training has once again begun.

This past weekend I joined the T-Tots at Turkey Mountain. Looks like its going to be a fun group!

So, for now, I think I’ll just be a floater, back and forth across the river each week. So, I’ll see some of then and then the others next time!

See you at the Race Into the New Year and then it’s time for the Polar Bear Plunge once again!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tossing Around A Few Ideas...

It feels as though I have not seen most of you in a while. I've been running early in the morning or at the gym or on my treadmill at home. I must admit, even though I can watch TV, hang out with my dogs and go the the bathroom at anytime I want while running on the treadmill in our sunroom, it's not as fun without you. But, I sure do feel better. I commened all of you for running in the heat. ROCK ON!!! (guess that makes me a wuss).

I've been tossing around a few ideas....although I love running long distances, I think that I may have only one or two more 1/2 marathons in me for right now (the Kansas City and Route 66 Half), after that, I am going to really focus on becoming a faster runner. I'd like to really well with 5k's. So, I've been doing some research on just exactly what I need to do...I'm kind of excited.

I've also been running Turkey Moutain quite a bit. I really enjoy the terrain, I'm even thinking of becoming a TATUR. I think I just need a change for a little bit. I have been a runner most of my life and I really want to make my own little marks along the way, even if I am the only one who notices.

Okay, thanks for listening...how much do I owe you?

P.S. You should think about running the TATUR Mud Run-It's going to be a freaking blast. Dont want to run it? Ask me about what you can do to help!!

See you all somewhere on the trails.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Really....

I haven't posted anything lately.....

Things have been pretty great. I have been running regularly again. Its good to be with all of the group again. I must say that because I was out for 3 months, I haven't really gotten to know all the "new" people, who aren't really "new" anymore. Now, with the awesome turn out Sunday and Monday for sign up, I've got about 200 more names to learn! That's so great, makes me proud to be a part of the running community and Runners World Tulsa. Kathy and Brian are doing so many great things for runners and walkers of all levels.

I'm excited to be training for my first full. The half was so unbelievable and I just decided to go full throttle! Route 66 Full for sure and I'm trying to talk the family into going to Kansas City in October, that looks like a fun race. Other than that, I'm going to run shorted distance races between now and then and of course the Tulsa Run.

I've been going to the gym regularly and have also started running in the mornings with some gals from RW. Just trying to stay fit and active and I'm enjoying every bit of it!

See you "out there"!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unofficially, Officially-The Beginning of a New Adventure!

I woke up yesterday morning and thought to myself, "Okay Christal, you survived a half marathon and you survived a stupid stress fracture that took you away from running for three months...what do you want to do now? I know, today, you are going to start training for a full marathon!" So that's what I did, I drove to the river to meet with the group (well, those that were not in OKC gearing up for the marathon) and I clocked my first training run for my new venture (with the help of Tatur Dave-thanks again for a great run). I met two great women, Sara and Sheryl. Good luck ladies, you are going to do really great with your training program.

After I was finished running, I had my first appointment with my personal trainer. It was such a great workout. He custom made my program for me, as a runner. I can't wait to add what he taught me to my daily workout at the gym. It will definitely make me a stronger runner. Oh, and he kicked my butt! Woke up this morning, felt like I got ran over by a Mac truck hauling a Mac truck! Ah, but it will only make me stronger.

Congrats to everyone who conquered the wind and hills today in OKC and those who traveled elsewhere for other runs this weekend. Also, to my dad. He and mom went to Kansas City this weekend for the Trolly Run (4 miles) and dad was the first race walker finisher! Not bad for a race with 7,000 participants! Each and every one of you are an inspiration to me and you all are what helps me crawl out of the bed some days and get in my car to make my way to the river! Thanks for that! I hope everyone begins recovering well and you have a really great week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patience, What's That?

Okay, so I have been running. I have been able to hang out with my Runners World buddies and I am glad that I can be active again. I love it! So what's my problem huh? I have good days and bad days. The good days are the ones that I can honestly say that I feel like I never fractured my femur. Then I have the days like yesterday that I'm like, "okay, should I still be using my crutches?"It's obvious anytime you have an injury, it's going to take time, even when you think you are healed. But I just dont have the patience! A part of me wants to just say, "screw it, I'm going to work out anyway". The other part of me knows better.

Okay, I feel better now, thanks for listening!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch Out World Here I Come Again!

It's official, I'm back in the game. I went in today for my final appointment with Dr. Sisler. Took some more x-rays and compared them to the first, I must say, I messed myself up pretty bad and I can really tell a difference. I have healed and am to base my running on pain. I can start walking 30 minutes 4 times this week and then next week, I can start adding some running. So, as soon as I get a break from work, (well another break from work) I am going to find this girl a 1/2 to run. I have so many ants in my pants right now I just want to get out there and go! But, I have to remember to pace myself so I dont have to dust the ol' crutches off again.

I'm looking forward to geting out there with everyone on Tuesday at the River. I'll be at the St. Patty's race on Brookside tomorrow, so if you are running, you will see me at the end of the finish line collecting the bottom of race tags, I'm on Glens Road Racing team tomorrow!

For those of you heading to Little Rock this weekend, as always, I know that you will make us proud. Can't wait for the race reports.

See you soon!