Monday, December 14, 2009

They Call Me The Floater...

Lets see, where to start. Since I last updated my blog, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon an I PR’d! Which is really crazy because I think that was one of the hilliest races EVER! It was fun though. It was nice that my husband and parents were able to be there, as they always are. Cassy, Stacy, Paulina and Lyle were also there. Great job guys! (I know that more RW folks were there, so sorry if I left you out).

Then along came the Tulsa Run, again for some reason I PR’d! One of my favorite races. You can always count on they crazy’s from RunnersWorld to sport creative Halloween Costumes. This year Cassy, Paulina and I were Superheros. Hmmm….maybe that’s why I PR’d, gotta be the cape! Thanks mom for whipping together our costumes so quickly.

Something happened in my brain between these two races…I decided to hold off on longer races for a while and focus on my speed for 5k’s. So I went to the local track several times and did some speed work and also perfected my Fartlek. (I also had horrible flash backs from high school track workouts).

Well, now I’ve had another change of heart….my mom wants to run a half marathon and she asked me to run it with her, so I have decided to go ahead and run the Little Rock ½ with her in March 2010. So, the hotel room had been reserved and the training has once again begun.

This past weekend I joined the T-Tots at Turkey Mountain. Looks like its going to be a fun group!

So, for now, I think I’ll just be a floater, back and forth across the river each week. So, I’ll see some of then and then the others next time!

See you at the Race Into the New Year and then it’s time for the Polar Bear Plunge once again!


Terrie said...

you are awesome, and way to go mom!!

Bobby said...

Start heating up the water now and maybe the polar bear plunge won't be so bad.