Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tossing Around A Few Ideas...

It feels as though I have not seen most of you in a while. I've been running early in the morning or at the gym or on my treadmill at home. I must admit, even though I can watch TV, hang out with my dogs and go the the bathroom at anytime I want while running on the treadmill in our sunroom, it's not as fun without you. But, I sure do feel better. I commened all of you for running in the heat. ROCK ON!!! (guess that makes me a wuss).

I've been tossing around a few ideas....although I love running long distances, I think that I may have only one or two more 1/2 marathons in me for right now (the Kansas City and Route 66 Half), after that, I am going to really focus on becoming a faster runner. I'd like to really well with 5k's. So, I've been doing some research on just exactly what I need to do...I'm kind of excited.

I've also been running Turkey Moutain quite a bit. I really enjoy the terrain, I'm even thinking of becoming a TATUR. I think I just need a change for a little bit. I have been a runner most of my life and I really want to make my own little marks along the way, even if I am the only one who notices.

Okay, thanks for listening...how much do I owe you?

P.S. You should think about running the TATUR Mud Run-It's going to be a freaking blast. Dont want to run it? Ask me about what you can do to help!!

See you all somewhere on the trails.


Susan Michaels said...

woo hoo you go girl! You got to do what is good for you. I am hoping that someday I will be out there again running and I think I will stick to 5K's because I think that is all my health will allow along with my new heart dr.
I think you should join the TATUR group because they are an awesome group not because I am a member, well maybe that, but I hear the head TATUR and the Zombie are pretty cool dudes LOL.

Bobby said...

What? You don't want to run a hundred miler?

Not in my future either.

Most important - Have fun and be healthy.