Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patience, What's That?

Okay, so I have been running. I have been able to hang out with my Runners World buddies and I am glad that I can be active again. I love it! So what's my problem huh? I have good days and bad days. The good days are the ones that I can honestly say that I feel like I never fractured my femur. Then I have the days like yesterday that I'm like, "okay, should I still be using my crutches?"It's obvious anytime you have an injury, it's going to take time, even when you think you are healed. But I just dont have the patience! A part of me wants to just say, "screw it, I'm going to work out anyway". The other part of me knows better.

Okay, I feel better now, thanks for listening!

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Cassy Russell said...

Take it easy, Chrys, so you don't reinjure yourself. We'll all be here waiting for you, no matter how long it takes.