Monday, December 8, 2008

A PR & Some Hot Tamales!

This past Saturday, my dad Bill Isaac and I participated in the Hispanic Heritage Run. It was quite chilly I must say :) I wore this really cool "hat" that I can stick my ponytail through and it still keeps my head warm.
Before the race began, I hung out with some of my friends. That's my dad on the left in the dark blue jacket and that's Robert Maddy on the right in the green jacket Some of you may know him from Runners World and Glens Road Racing Service.

Then there is David Spenser in the red jacket and dont forget Don. You might know them from Glens Road Racing as well.

I also saw a group of my Runner's World friends, they were doing around 18-20 miles in Jenks. See them running so fast?! I couldn't even get a good picture. Bye Stefanie, bye Cassy, bye everyone......Oh and Tatur Dave came over to say hello. That was nice.
So, the course was great! I actually PR'd on Saturday. I never said I was fast, but I ran faster than ever in a 5k, I FINALLY broke 30:00. I ran it in 29:40! I'm so excited!! After the race, we had tamales and some really great doughnuts! YUMMY. After the race, I ran into our friend Bette from RW. It was nice to her.

Next week I plan on running the Jingle Bell Run. Rumor has it, there are going to be some really hot RW elves. If I were you, I'd try and make this one :)
Have a great week everyone.


coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

Awesome job on your PR! That is awesome!

Bobby said...

Wow! Tamales after a race. That alone would make it worth it to me.
Great job getting in under 30.